Mission Statement

“Our focus is solely with our clients.  Our goal is to provide an unbiased, unique perspective for each and every client.  The process begins with you. We will listen to your goals and asipirations and help you to work towards there. We do this by using a disciplined and holistic approach that you can understand.”

Welcome to McNeily & Company

We are dedicated to serving you.  We will help you understand where you are today and help set goals for your future.  From there we will develop a disciplined strategy, with a complete and holistic view of your financial picture to help you work towards there.  Here at McNeily & Company, focusing on what is important to you and providing unbiased advice is what sets us apart. We believe that being independently owned, McNeily & Company can provide unbiased and complete financial guidance to you and you should expect nothing short of superb client service. 

Some new clients and those researching advisors may wonder if an independent firm can provide the types of services and expertise that a large Wall Street firm can. The answer is absolutely yes.  In fact, being independent means no proprietary products, quotas or pressure from a CEO to increase sales of any particular products.  McNeily & Company works with LPL Financial, among the largest independent broker/dealers in the country. Through LPL Financial, and many of the best money managers in the world, McNeily & Company is ready to help our clients work towards their goals.  Superior service also means that you will understand all of the costs associated with your investments.  Our singular focus is serving the needs of our clients and only our clients.